Let me help narrow the field of amazing Greek beaches to relish. With a coastline of 8,498 miles, Greece challenges tourists and locals alike. In a good way! For every new beach found, another discovery awaits. Whether your mood is mellow or high energy, whether you prefer to lie on pebbles or sink your toes in the sand—you’ll find your perfect beach experience on either the mainland or one of the numerous islands. I’m happy to provide a short list of can’t-miss beaches that my dear Instagram followers assure me are THE BEST. Because I have not combed every single Greek beach, you’ll have to take their enthusiastic words for it.

On Instagram, I simply posted a picture with the instructions to leave a comment with a name of their favorite beach in Greece with a short why. The endorsements below came from local Greeks in Greece, as well as Greeks living in America, Australia, South Africa, Trinidad and the UK. The results cover nearly every corner of Greece and range from beaches that cater to families, have great beach food, possess perfect Instagram photo-shoots or glorious backdrops, and offer enough water activities to pack into ten lifetimes. Enjoy.



Image made by Rachel Scott

1. Arillas Beach, Corfu
“I spent every summer growing up on this beach! Great memories, sunsets, and family.” –@thegreeknyc

2. Kolymbithres Beach, Paros
“Clear water and lots of fun rocks for insta- photoshoots.”  –@i.pateras

3. Sarakiniko Beach, Milos
“It’s stunningly picturesque surrounded by white rock, and with water so clear you can see the ocean floor! Its beauty is so unique that I felt like I was in a dream rather than experiencing reality.” –@diannayota

4. Navagio Beach (Shipwreck Bay), Zakynthos
“When you are there you truly feel like you are on another planet. There really isn’t anything like it!” –@iamgreece

5. Paraga Beach, Mykonos
“The beach offers something for everyone. Party- goers can find their rhythm at Kalua Beach Bar, while others can rent a comfortable lounge chair with a large umbrella, and relax until their heart’s content. Need a good Instagram? The mermaid rock about 30 yards from the shore will do the trick.” –@realchriscohen

6. Falasarna Beach, Crete
“Truly breathtakingly beautiful and crystal turquoise blue water.” –@paraskivoula

7. Vroulidia Beach, Chios
“The walk down to the beach is absolutely beautiful. The turquoise water contrasts with white cliffs perfectly. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can swim out to a natural landing off the cliffs and do some light climbing (mountain goat style).” –@mathoula11

8. Apella Beach, Karpathos

“Surrounded by mountains and pine trees and I’ll never forget the color of the water. AMAZING!!” –@_my_greece_

9. Kathisma Beach, Lefkada
“You can rock jump, swim, and hang glide all in one place!” –@greeks_at_their_finest

10. Myrtos Beach, Kefalonia
“Breathtaking drive to the beach, with clear blue warm water.” –@theoliveandmango

11. Kamari Beach, Santorini
“An amazing ‘black beach’ in Santorini with black pebbles and clear water, with a view of a white cliff to the right, and an endless sea view to the left.” –@marinasavva007

12. Agios Nikolaos Alikis Beach, Paros
“The water is crystal clear, it is a sandy beach,
and it does not have many tourists. Secluded and romantic, it suits individuals, couples and families.” –@createcookshare

13. Palionisos Beach, Kalymnos
“The pebbled beach lies in a beautiful ord-like bay with the calmest, clearest water I’ve ever seen. There are usually a handful of sailboats anchored deep in the bay, making for some awesome IG photos! Oh, and there’s a lady that makes loukoumades right on the beach that are so amazing!” –@marialopu

14. Agia Dynami Beach, Chios
“Feels like you’re in the Bahamas. Crystal clear water, scenic drive on the way there and off the beaten path.” –@vasilaki25

15. Koukounaires Beach, Skiathos

Ultra-fine golden sand, surrounded by a pine forest. Arguably one of the most beautiful beaches in Greece! –@magdatsagaris

16. Agios Stefanos Beach, Kos
“It’s stunning. You arrive down at a beautiful beach with ruins on your left and a long stretch of sand to your right. Ahead of you is a tiny, mountain island with the chapel of Agios Stefanos on top. People love to swim or paddle board out to the island to pay their respects and cliff dive the other side.” –@varahlynette

17. Navarino Beach, Kalamata
“The water is crystal clear, warm and calm, since it lies in the center of the Messinian Gulf. It’s a long and wide beach, and the magnificent Mount Taygetos is visible no matter where you are on the beach.” –@miakouppa

18. Vasiliki Beach, Lefkada
“It’s beautiful, great food to be had nearby and although it is a bit windy this makes it the perfect wind sailing and surfing beach. Of course, Porto Katsiki and Kathisma are also on the island and are STUNNING.” –@starsandstatic

19. Elafonisi Beach, Crete
“The water was beautiful. Crystal clear water and the sand was divine!”

20. Diakofti Beach, Kythira
“My happy place! Golden sand, turquoise waters and more than enough wonderful memories to see me through rainy UK winters.” –@pollynostimos

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