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Hello, and welcome to my page!

I am Eleni Saltas. I am a Greek girl with a flair for life, food, and fitness.

I was born in Salt Lake City, Utah and have two brothers, one older and one younger. Our family has spent many summers in Greece which sparked my interest in Greek life and desire for even more travel. I love to share with others my own journey, while learning theirs.

Growing up Greek has taught me how to dance, socialize, and most of all, eat. Greek food has always been my favorite cuisine, and I especially love cooking and creating new recipes, as well as sharing favorite recipes from my childhood. My goal is to share the many stories and memories that are linked with food.

Having a passion for health and fitness my entire life, I pursued that interest and received my Bachelors Degree in Exercise Sports Science from the University of Utah. I currently work as a personal trainer for Age Performance, a gym that focuses on fitness concepts for greater strength and mobility. I hope to reach as many people as possible to help and inspire them to be confident in their own body through sustainable training and group support.

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  1. O.K. — My most favorite Greek plate (besides lamb and beans) is Pastitsio. Do you have a recipe and, if so, would you pleas post it sometime in the future. Thanks and Love!

  2. Leon Brown, Jr. says

    Hello Eleni, I’m an Ogden resident and also an inventor. I would really appreciate being able to communicate with you via email because I have decided that you are a person I’d like to solicit some feedback from regarding my exercise machine concept, based upon your ‘passion for health and fitness,’ your degree in Exercise Sports Science, and your work as a personal trainer. I believe that you may find my idea intriguing. I’m a fellow alumnus of the University of Utah (69-72) and although I know you’re undoubtedly a very busy woman, I hope that you might provide me an opportunity to share some information with you. I hope that this is not an inappropriate platform to reach out to you on, but it’s all I have to work with. Thanks!

    • elenisaltas says

      Hi Leon! Looks like I’ll have to put a better way of contacting me online so thanks for bringing that to my attention. As for your exercise concept, go ahead and shoot me an email at esaltas@cityweekly.net

      p.s. Go Utes!

  3. Τασος Ορφανος says

    Περιμενα αο μια Ελληνιδα να εχει πρωτα πρωτα τα Ελληνικά και δςυτεεευονρως οποια αλη γλωσσα. Εκτος και αν δεν σας ενδιαφερει το Ελληνικο κοινο. Τααος Ορφανος. nasorf@yahoo.com

    • elenisaltas says

      Συγνώμη Τασος. Γράφω στα αγγλικά γιατί πολλοί στο blog μου μιλούν αγγλικά.

  4. Mary says

    Can I prepare the kleftiko entirely in the parchment paper the night before? Or what do you suggest if I am limited on time on the day of cooking

    • elenisaltas says

      Absolutely! I would cut up all your vegetables (and meat if you are using chunks, rather than a shank) and prepare them into the bowl with the seasonings. Letting that marinate over night would be wonderful! I wouldn’t put them into parchment until you are ready to cook.

  5. Maria Delgado says

    Hi Eleni, my name is Maria and l live in Melbourne, Australia. This is the second time l’m making your Aunt Mary’s Loukoumades. I’m making them right now, just waiting for the dough to rise. Thank you for sharing your family’s recipes and stories.
    Για σου. xx

    • elenisaltas says

      Oh Maria, thank you so much sharing this with me! That is a very special recipe and story to me so I appreciate when others try it—and you twice! Filakia 😘

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