Eleni Saltas

Growing up in Salt Lake City’s vibrant Greek community taught me how to dance, how to socialize, and most of all, how to eat. 


As a teen, I began making Greek dips for home parties (skordalia is still my favorite) and I also got my first traditional cooking and family history lessons from my Aunt Mary who lived to be 103. I make Loukamades her way. 


My food fascination morphed into this blog that began as a resource for fitness tips and healthy Mediterranean recipes. I quickly realized how much I enjoyed sharing stories and recipes from my table to yours. The blog grew and grew.


I have always been involved in various team sports and especially loving being outdoors in the mountains. Working as a personal trainer, I understand there is a great relationship between fitness and food. I hope to bring those passions together with future posts and work on my blog.

My Vision

To make this page a go to place for inspiration for great recipes and achievable fitness tips.

My Mission

To teach everyone—not just Greeks—how to live healthy and balanced lives. 

My Values

I value history, faith, family, tradition, culture—all things that come together at the dinner table. 

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Popular Recipes

Lamb Kleftiko

A rich and delicious lamb dish with a very colorful history. Please don’t steal lamb to make this dish like the creators did.

Yiayia’s Orzo (Kritharaki)

Manestra (better known as kritharaki in Greece) is a Greek dish made with orzo and a delicious meat sauce.

Bouyiourdi (Spicy Baked Feta)

Feta, vegetables, and herbs—bouyiorudi is one of the best examples of what the Mediterranean diet is all about.