All You Can Greek

Take a culinary journey through Greece in All You Can Greek with Eleni Saltas, a blogger with a flair for Greek food, life and travel. Eleni knows the power of oregano, olive oil, history, and friendship—just a few key ingredients that bring these approachable and traditional Greek recipes to life.

What You’ll Find Inside

All You Can Greek features over 60 recipes from the heart and exactly as they were prepared (I don’t even know how to doctor photos). Every dish reveals pieces of Greek history and traditions, plus I share favorite family memories attached to some especially important dishes.

A Blend of Travel and Food

I love to travel as much as I relish trying new dishes. So I’ve included tales of some of my favorite Greek beaches, monasteries, and historic sites. I blended these stories with the flavors of Greece so that you, too, will feel what it means to live and love like a Greek.