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Welcome to my website! I am a food blogger, personal trainer, outdoor enthusiast, and author of the cookbook All You Can Greek.

Recent Recipes

I’m always in the kitchen, trying and sharing recipes from all over the world, with special attention to my Greek roots. From quick and easy recipes to elaborate, you’ll find your new favorite dishes here.

Sauteéd Collard Greens

Sauteéd Collard Greens

There’s nothing quite as satisfying as harvesting fresh greens from your own garden and transforming them into a delightful dish. Our garden collard greens are thriving at the moment…

Greek Coffee Brownies with Brown Butter

Greek Coffee Brownies with Brown Butter

Coffee and chocolate is a classic combo, so this treat makes perfect sense. My recipe blends the grounds of Greek coffee with cocoa powder for a dark and decadent result that’s gooey and fudgy…

Vegan Bougatsa Parcels

Vegan Bougatsa Parcels

Transform the traditional creamy Greek bougatsa into a dairy free version. These vegan bougatsa parcels are baked golden to perfection…

Mushroom Giouvetsi

Mushroom Giouvetsi

Giouvetsi is a comforting orzo casserole dish typically made with beef, lamb or chicken. For a vegetarian swap, ditch the meat and use mushrooms…



Revithia is a popular dish on the island of Sifnos, where it is typically oven baked and served as a Sunday specialty. I’ve revised the dish by using…


My biggest joys come from sharing my life experiences with others and learning from theirs. I love to travel. Let’s learn, move around and share together.


I love cooking and hearing from people when they try my recipes. Many of them are favorites from my childhood as well as new creations with foods I crave.


Improve your quality of daily living through mobility, strength, and overall mental wellbeing. Fitness goes hand in hand with food. Look for meal plans and fitness programs coming soon.

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From My Kitchen to Yours


Mezes (short for the Greek word mezedakia) are small plates of food served most often as shared appetizers. Whether simple or complex, mezes always make a great finger food for drinks like ouzo or beer.

Main Courses

Soups, stews, and hearty meals are best when they are homemade. Every host wants their meals to shout success. Allow your dinner table to stand out with easy to follow recipes made with simple and fresh ingredients.


Greeks are world famous for their dessert from baklava to galaktoboureko so I have you covered there. But you’ll also find brownies and cookies that will make your meal complete no matter the style or holiday.