Yiayia’s Manestra (Kritharaki)

This blog is all about learning, and eating, as many Greek recipes as possible. But there’s one recipe I’ve put off learning—manestra. Manestra (better known as kritharaki in Greece) is a Greek dish made with orzo in a tasty tomato sauce and is one of my favorite Greek dishes. My yiayia (grandma) makes me a batch … Continue reading Yiayia’s Manestra (Kritharaki)

Stifado me Manitaria (Mushroom Stifado)

My whole life, I’ve randomly craved a specific food or cuisine only to indulge in it for days or even weeks. A couple of years ago I went complete left field of Greek cuisine and made stir-fry every other day. Another time it was protein pancakes. Now it’s mushroom everything. Whenever I dine I order … Continue reading Stifado me Manitaria (Mushroom Stifado)