Halloumi Fries

I’m a millennial: I follow trends on Twitter, take random BuzzFeed quizzes, and eat avocado toast. That’s why I was surprised to find out that “the world is going crazy over halloumi fries” from my 90-year-old yiayia (grandmother) of all people. She sent me a Facebook message (of the member of the greatest generation she … Continue reading Halloumi Fries

Greek Coffee

Long before all the drive through coffee stands and the Grande caramel macchiato, there was elliniko kafe (Greek coffee). Made by boiling coffee grounds in a copper or brass briki (coffee pot) until the perfect kaimaki (foam) forms, Greek coffee is then poured into a white demitasse (small cup). It’s simple as that. The next … Continue reading Greek Coffee

Meteora Monasteries

In the mountainous region of Thessaly, Greece are the famous monasteries of Meteora, perched upon massive clifftops at a dizzying height above the neo-modern city of Kalambaka. Meteora (“suspended in the air” or “the one that doesn’t have support”) is a stunning sandstone rock formation and is home to one of the largest monastic communities … Continue reading Meteora Monasteries

Grilled Cilantro Lime Chicken

When I think of grilling, my mind is drawn to the classic burger and hot dog. But there’s an endless variety of what should be thrown on the grill—chicken, shrimp, ribs, fruits and vegetables. Chicken is my favorite thing to grill, as it’s versatile and combines well with creative seasonings and sauces. Before grilling, I … Continue reading Grilled Cilantro Lime Chicken

Holy Trinity Monastery, Aegina

Saint Nektarios, the patron saint of Aegina, was recognized as a saint in 1961, making him one of the most recently canonized saints in the Greek Orthodox church. A philosopher and writer, Saint Nektarios became widely known as a healer and was particularly sought out by persons suffering from heart disease and cancer. Having lost … Continue reading Holy Trinity Monastery, Aegina

Bakaliaros Skordalia (Cod & Garlic Dip)

My entire house has smelled like a McDonald’s deep fryer for an entire week. Fried oil has seeped into the carpets and walls, and has stubbornly clung to mine and my family’s clothes. It’s actually been a pleasant change of pace from the typical scent of a wet dog. The culprit behind the oil stench … Continue reading Bakaliaros Skordalia (Cod & Garlic Dip)